At Home Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Commonly Used In The Home

When it comes to medical equipment in the home there are many items that can used. Most medical equipment companies are able to deliver to the home what equipment the patient needs with having a doctor’s order. Depending on the patient’s level of activity the type of equipment used can vary. If the patient is able to stand and walk, but needs assistance, then providing the patient with a walker is beneficial in order to help the patient to the bathroom or just to walk around the house from room to room.

at home medical equipment

A bedside commode is beneficial for individuals who cannot walk any lengthy distances and needs access to bathroom facilities close by. For more bed bound patients, then bed pans along with lifts and hospital bed may be required. There are times when a patient needs intravenous medication and this can also be delivered to the home or the nurse can provide this also. The nurse can insert the IV and watch the site and administer the medication. The same goes for any other procedures required for patient care, including Foley catheters, colostomy bags, wound care, among many others.